Our company WÜSTENSAND, located in Marrakech, is specialized since 2003 in the production and wholesale export of Moroccan handicrafts, especially basketry and Moroccan mosaic tables "ZELLIGE" We pay special attention to high quality, as well as a gradual development of color and design to combine the old and the new while preserving a way of artisanal production. All of our products proposed, are handmade and have already been tested by our customers based mainly in Germany, America and France. We suggest you to select the products chosen to send you our best offer.





WÜSTENSAND is a Moroccan company, specialized in the production and wholesale export of Moroccan handicrafts all around the globe, mainly Germany, America and France, since 2003, known as an open air museum showing the art of Moroccan craft. It produces unique and rare Moroccan handicraft products, especially basketry and Moroccan mosaic tables "ZELLIGE”. WÜSTENSAND was basically created because of our unconditional and endless love for our nation, Morocco, and being fascinated by the beauty of our culture. All articles exposed on the online gallery are produced by qualified men and truly passionate Moroccan artisans. As a Moroccan company, based in Marrakech, we try our best to produce unique and special articles with high quality, as well as a fabulous combination between old and traditional design but with a special touch of modernity, in order to put light on the various cultures in morocco and make these products available in the worldwide. It's a trip through the richness and variety of hand crafted items. Our target is to fulfill all the customers’ requirements and satisfy all types of taste and needs.
All articles are created by artisans who are completely dedicated to their work and to the unique products they create, and make good attention to detail they add into every creation which makes it rare and ethical.
Our products:
Bags and baskets: Opt for the classiest selection and latest designs of raffia bags, palm baskets and wicker baskets. Traditionally, the farm wicker is found on the edge of ditches or drains, in wet, clay or peaty lands. We have got a range of sizes and designs to satisfy all the customers’ requirements.
Mosaic products: For those of you who like to keep your house décor a bit out of the 'normal' style, Moroccan mosaic decoration can provide a touch of glamorous and bring the elegance and lux to your home.
Moroccan mosaic products made with Moroccan Zellij mosaics, such as mosaic fountains (floor or wall fountains) and mosaic tables are exposed on our digital gallery with different motifs, sizes, colors and designs. These pieces of art are made by handcraft men, who inherited this art from father to son for an entire life Since the ALMohades age when this industry was introduced to Morocco from Andalusia.
Argan oil: argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the argan tree, a small tree found only in southwest of Morocco and western Algeria. It produces small yellow-brown fruits, containing a very hard nut; and it contains deep inside two to three almonds. When roasted and pressed, they give argan oil.
Argan oil has many virtues, both food and cosmetic. Used for centuries by Berber women, argan oil is recognized for its great nourishing properties.
This oil from Morocco, rich in vitamin E, is renowned for its nourishing and regenerating properties. Its antioxidant contents make it the perfect active ingredient to fight against the signs of skin aging, blemishes and skin problems, and its fatty acids restore suppleness and softness to dry and dehydrated skin. Also, argan oil deeply nourishes and protects hair from external aggressions. It repairs split ends and makes hair softer and shinier.
Tea accessories: All around the world Moroccan tea is probably one of the most famous emblems of Morocco. Everyone knows about it and loves it. Moroccan people are used to host the guests by serving Tea; the most special about this process is that they make sure to serve it properly, using a beautiful set of tea glasses, a beautiful tea pot... the Moroccan tea accessories are designed using traditional Moroccan motifs, with vivid colors, and interesting details. You will find in our digital shop, a large collection of authentic and oriental Moroccan tea accessories, with different choices, going from tea glasses, tea pots and tea trays to sugar boxes and tea boxes.
Iron furniture: Create an exotic feeling in your garden or in any other room of your house by adding a mixed selection of iron furniture; or keep it simple and elegant with a few well-placed pieces of iron decoration. Recently, Iron Furniture became very popular for indoor and outdoor decoration. They are elegant, nice, solid and charming. Due to our Iron furniture, you can make your house appear like a masterpiece and decorate it in a beautiful way, showing your taste and personality. Our store allows you having a large list of choices to satisfy your taste using: iron chairs; iron tables, iron pavilions and paravents.

Moroccan leather products: the Moroccan leather and especially the one of Marrakech is very known by its quality, it has kept its identity, quality and origin for long years. Calfskins and Goatskins are prepared into the old Medina with a variety of skins coming from the magnificent High Atlas and the Middle Atlas mountains. Leather colors are made from a very natural way using plants or mineral materials.
Leathers artisan artists still make leather bags, leather poofs, leather lamps, leather decoration with different colors, designs and shapes. Lamps and lanterns: Moroccan lanterns are very known by their great appearance and elegance and by their unique Moroccan charm. we expose for our dear clients a whole collection of lamps and lanterns (wall lamps, hanging lamps, leather lamps, and lanterns) made with goat skin stretched over a firm and strong iron frame in order to reflect a soft glowing light, tattooed with Hanna paste by using Moroccan designs which gives the lamp more value, or only with colored glass and iron… the collection includes colored lamps, mat ones and glossy ones, with various shapes and sizes that suits all categories of tastes.
Pottery: Safi is a coastal city where Morocco’s pottery is made. Pottery makers use only the pure clay found in the area near Safi to create kitchen utensils, decoration, jugs, plates, tagines…, they are ALL made individually and by hand. The creation process is a bit long going from the extraction of the clay, to preparing it, molding it, drying it, shaping it, painting it and firing it and all by hand. This work is not something learned by a master potter during two or three days, they have been involved in the profession for long years, in order to create special and authentic pieces. We present in our digital store a beautiful collection of decoration and kitchen utensils in pottery, made by Moroccan artisans.
Jewelry: Moroccan women used to put jewelry every day and on every occasion. For them, buying jewelry is a great shared passion between them all. Banks weren’t that much popular at those days and ladies used to invest the majority of their price money in authentic jewelry. They used to buy jewelry when the price of gold or silver is low; each piece has got a story and a value. Now, with all our passion to Moroccan antique and vintage jewelry, we created an online store in order to present the traditional jewelry designs that can easily go with modern fashion and with quite affordable prices involving rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets…